Hello all!

My name is Rob Wolfe and I am just beginning a public history blog.  After attending NCPH 2016 in Baltimore I have decided to engage as much as possible with the broader public history field.

The purpose of this blog is two fold.

  1.  It will act as a place for me to develop my own thoughts surrounding public history, particularly around historic sites and the visitor experience.
  2. It will help me keep track of my professional activities, which will be particularly helpful as I am currently seeking full time employment in the public history field.

Though I am seeking employment, it has not daunted me from trying to engage history as much as possible.  I have recently renewed my membership to the National Council on Public History and today joined the American Association for State and Local History.  Their webinar series, free for members, seems like a great way to keep up with current trends, in addition to the numerous resources they have available to members.

My professional interests are far reaching, from local history, to historic site management, visitor experience and interpretation, to cultural resources management/historic preservation.

If you happen upon this blog, feel free to check out my LinkedIn at .

As for the name of my blog, I figure that the “glory days” of the old historic house museums are behind us, and we are entering a new age for historic sites and their roles in community life.  So in that sense, I hope to be exploring topics and issues that reignite the passion for historic places that helped bring so many of them into existence.



Author: rekindlegoldglory

Just a public historian.

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